The Blue Plus 1 is the first model of HeadPhones+. The Plus 1 is different than any earphones on the market. It is because the cord that connects to the two earpieces lights up to the beat of the music.
- Wireless earphones for IOS and Android
- 6 hours of battery life : With only a 30 minute charge with a Micro USB provided the PLUS 1 is ready for action once you get the device
- Water resistant : When wearing the PLUS 1 in the rain, do not worry because the PLUS 1 water resistance will keep it from damaging.
- Talk to Siri : Need to ask Siri what the weather is or send someone a text message. Click the center button twice on the earpiece  and the PLUS 1 will connect you to Siri.
- Respond to phone calls and text : When you are wearing the PLUS 1 and get a phone call, just press the center button to answer the phone call and you can begin to talk because the PLUS 1 microphone will pick up your voice.
- Change song/volume : Want the volume louder, or want to play the next song on your playlist, just click the button below the center button and you will be able to change the song or volume with just one click.

50% of your profit will be donated to No Kid Hungry!

    Headphones+ does not accept returns or refunds.



©2018 HEADPHONES+The PLUS 1 is for entertainment purposes only and is not attended to be used as a safety device.